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New Episode

The new season of iCarly will premiere on Friday, July 30 at 8PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon. In the premiere episode “iGot A Hot Room,” Spencer tries to surprise Carly for her birthday and ends up burning down her bedroom instead, but when the insurance company hands him a big check, he has a chance to make it up to her.

Before the premiere, Nick will feature a week of iCarly episodes hosted by Jerry Trainor (Spencer) and Noah Munck (Gibby). The marathon will run from Monday, July 26 to Friday, July 30 from 5 to 8PM ET/PT each day.

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iCarly Website Part 1

Hey guys! This is a post about the iCarly website! I love watching the videos there cuz they are HILARIOUS! So, here are some Seddie caps!

Look at how close their heads are. And their heads are right next to each other. Also, Sam's arm is wrapped around Freddie's neck.

Now, their sleeping with each other. Sam's head is against Freddie's arm and it looks like his head is kind of on her's. And her arm is still around his neck.

Episode-We Eat A Giant Zucchine

This one speaks for itself. Their in the SHOWER. TOGETHER.

Episode-Project for the Shower:Sewing Your Underwear

"Here at iCarly"
"You know how we feel about babies."
"We're big fans of
"Huge baby fans."

So, Sam and Freddie are baby fans. So many thoughts. And look at this next picture! They look so cute looking down at baby Spencer!!!

Episode:Baby Spencer Eats A PB&J

Now their in an elevator together.

In this one, Sam leaves and Freddie follows her out of the room.

Episode:Baby Spencer Eats Mayonnaise.

"Are you dating anyone?"
"What is with you and brunettes in skirts?"
"I like them!"

Ooo. Are you jealous Sam?
In this one, Freddie and Sam are in the backseat of a car and aren't killing each other.

Episodes-iDrive Thru

It's love! Freddie's feeding Sam a meatball! And their sitting in a kiddie pool and they aren't killing each other!!
Episode:Random Debates-Medicine vs. Garbage

WOAH! Did they just say that when Carly's asleep and so is Spencer, that Freddie comes over and him and Sam prank Spencer?? IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! So many things can happen in the middle of the night.

This was Part 1 of the iCarly website! As soon as there are more videos, Part 2 will come out, same for Part 3 and ect! So look forward and coming soon is iDream of Dance!!

iBeat The Heat

Hey guys! So I promised iGo To Japan would be next, but I can't seem to find it online. So if you have it in any form(HQ or not)please just post a comment in the C-Box or this post with the link to the video! Thanks!
Anyways, so after iGo To Japan, I promised iBeat The Heat. And since I can't do the Japan, I'll do the newest one! And it has tons of Seddie in it! Kind of...

"What are you doing?"(carly)
"She's either cooling herself or eating your frozen pizzas. Probably both."
And that's EXACTLy what Sam was doing. Carly couldn't guess it but Freddie could. He must really know Sam.

Kind of disgusting...But Sam and Freddie are the first one to stick their armpits over the Norwegian air conditioner.

This is where Sam finds out Freddie is inviting his "crush"over to the apartment because it's really hot in her house. Sabrina, the girl Freddie likes, hasn't even shown up and already Sam seems jealous of her! I mean, look at her face!! She doesn't seem happy.

"Freddie, come rub
my neck."
Laughs while saying this. "Yeah
..That will happen."
Sam asked Freddie to come rub her neck. Sam would never ask Freddie to rub her neck. I mean, hello! His hands on her neck and shoulders...Well, Sam might actually enjoy that. Freddie might too.

"Sam, swear you'll be nice."
"Oh! I'll swear."

Says angrily and annoyingly. "I'll be nice.."

Do I see jealousy?? Sam will swear huh? Swear at Sabrina or just swear when she comes over??

P.S. I just LOVE Sam's outfit in this episode.

Look at Sam's face. I know it looks like she's glaring at Freddie but she's actually kind of in-between Sabrina and Freddie. Jealous much?

Sam and Freddie are standing next to each other and smiling at each other during Carly's speech. This was the part where she said most of us don't even know each others first name.
And where is Sabrina? Oh right! She's standing over here!

That was the lastest iCarly episode of SEDDIE! WOOT WOOT! Can't wait for the next episode of iCarly? Well, boohoo! You have too. Until then, I'll be doing older episodes with tons of Seddie! Coming next is iDream of Dance!! So keep waiting! And while you're waiting, head on over to Fanfiction.net and read your Seddie fanfics or read my fanfic, iSam! Click here to read it!